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Counting, recording, checking, paying and invoicing. These processes must run smoothly and safely; whether it concerns the granting or purchasing of licenses. Ydentic makes manual license counting unnecessary, because it automates this entire process. Automation prevents human typing and calculation errors in reports and provides insight into the number of users per license at a glance.

Let Ydentic count the licenses for you

Who is licensed for what? How many are actually in circulation? Ydentic provides insight at a glance into the number of licenses an organization uses. This way you no longer have to keep track of everything in Excel and you considerably reduce the chance of counting errors.

Buy simplified licenses

Ydentic ensures that licenses are easily purchased. Thanks to the direct Microsoft CSP Portal integration and integration with other distributors, this is also no longer a manual task that you have to constantly think about and spend an unnecessary amount of time on.

Business value

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