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An HRM department ensures optimal happiness at work within an organization. HRM employees ensure that their colleagues start their careers with a good feeling and leave satisfied. It is valuable work, because HRM is the point of contact every day. Unfortunately also when it comes to IT related issues.

A good start and safe departure of employees

Ydentic automates the management of user rights. This means that a new employee can get started within one working day and has access to all necessary applications. By limiting access rights based on role requirements or individual, the security of the IT environment is in control.

Colleagues manage data themselves

Change of passwords, address or any other personal data? With the implementation of Ydentic, that is no longer a task of the Service Desk. Employees can change their personal
details themselves within the safely accessible self-service portal. Employees no longer have to go to HRM or the IT department for their simple IT questions. That saves a lot of time and irritations in the workplace.

Changes in HR are also immediately implemented

When changes are implemented from the HR environment, they are depending on the HR software immediately visible in the IT systems. This ensures a uniform working process, whereby the correct rights are assigned based on his or her job grade. This automation prevents human errors such as incorrect typing of names, passwords or incorrect functional roles.

Work more efficiently through application integrations

Simplify and improve user management by integrating with HRM and salary packages. Think about: Nmbrs, AFAS, ADP:


When creating a user within the Nmbrs environment, a user is automatically created within the company Active Directory, Azure or Office 365. This only applies if Nmbrs is integrated with Ydentic. This considerably accelerates the onboarding of an employee.

Datto Autotask

The link with Datto Autotask makes it possible to link events in Ydentic to services in Autotask. An example: when creating a new employee in Ydentic, the services to be purchased within a contract are automatically increased by one. Is an employee leaving? Then it will automatically decrease by one. In addition, connect SPLA or Office 365 to Autotask Services and keep a grip on the services to be invoiced to customers.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace

ALSO Cloud Marketplace integration with Ydentic makes it possible to purchase ALSO services without going to their Marketplace. This is possible within Ydentic. In the Ydentic portal, a marketplace is simply linked to a customer, so that they can purchase services and licenses themselves.

Business value

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