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Information Security Officer

An information security officer monitors the effectiveness and efficiency of internal business processes. He knows that a good IT environment is part of this, but that this is often a gray area where little control can be exercised. Ydentic is the self service platform that makes IT simple for everyone.

A private portal with access to logs and reports

The Key User portal provides access to changes within an IT environment at any time. It has insight into reports and logs of all mutations that have taken place. This makes it clear who has made changes where and when, so that this can be anticipated if necessary.

Flexible workflows through automation and standardization

Ydentic has been developed to make business processes run more efficiently. It automates the management of user rights, giving new employees immediate access to the necessary applications. Departing colleagues can be deprived of all their rights at the touch of a button. During the employment of colleagues, they easily manage their personal data and passwords. Because of this efficiency increase, nobody performs unnecessary time-consuming tasks.

Business value

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