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IT Administrators

An IT engineer or consultant knows everything about digital environments. He knows what (re) designing an IT environment in a large organization entails. By responding to the rapidly changing and modernizing market, he knows how to think forward. To provide the best solutions, insight into the business architecture of your customers is essential. That is exactly what is often lacking and what Ydentic supports.

Lay solid processes and standardize these

A central IT environment puts you in control. Ydentic provides 24/7 insight into changes and deviations, making anticipation immediately possible. Deviations are visible, so what is also standard. This increases the predictability of the IT system. Result? Effective and fast service when needed.

Link different environments within one portal

Set up a new environment in which different systems have to be implemented? Ydentic effortlessly connects on-premises, hybrid and Cloud environments. Consider, for example, Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Business value

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