IT Synergy “The service desk is a more peaceful place”

Ydentic is a well-functioning organization that wants to move forward, just like us

Wendy de Groot, vCIO & Teamlead IT Support a.i. at IT Synergy

“When I consider the collaboration with Ydentic, I can say we are experiencing more peace of mind, especially at the service desk. To help customers before this collaboration, the service desk staff had to retrieve the information they required from various portals. This was particularly the case with the entry and exit process, which is common. Now, this is automated in one portal. This is very convenient, because we serve customers with anywhere from ten to almost two thousand workplaces.” These are the words of Wendy de Groot, vCIO & Teamlead IT Support a.i. at IT Synergy. With over twenty years of experience in the IT sector, she can rightly be called a seasoned professional. Rotterdam-based IT Synergy is an IT specialist for companies throughout the Netherlands. They design, maintain and support IT environments for small and medium-sized companies all the way to multinationals.

Wendy: “Saving time is great, but the margin of error has also become smaller. For example, when a new employee was hired by a customer before, we would have to carry out a manual search for an employee with a similar role. We then looked at the rights this employee had in the system and use that as a template. But now we work with a job classification system, which means we now know exactly which rights the new employee should have. It can all be controlled at the touch of a button. I would say that job satisfaction has increased in this department. This has a lot to do with the reduced workload, if only because there are fewer checkpoints. For example, we no longer have to check whether the permissions have been added correctly, because everything is in the system.”

“When I consider the collaboration with Ydentic, I can say that we are able to experience more peace of mind, especially at the service desk.”

Wendy de Groot, vCIO & Teamlead IT Support a.i. at IT Synergy

The importance of a good job description matrix

“Unfortunately, however, not all customers are entered in the system in this way,” says Wendy. “We are dependent on what the customer wants. After all, the customer must be willing and able to make the switch. And it all starts, for example, with a well-defined job description matrix. In some organizations, it takes a little more time to pick up on this. Larger customers are generally quite quick to see the added value of a job description matrix and start working with us in a new way without delay. It is advantageous for them to have a good job description matrix for themselves anyway; for example, for any ongoing repetitive applications that they often manage themselves, because they are specific to their sector. Certain applications have different layers of rights, which they can easily translate into a job description thanks to this working method. And it also makes it easier for their administrators. We will of course approach our smaller customers as well. We have already held discussions with a number of them about how to work with us in this efficient way. We deliberately focused on the larger ones first, because they involve the most work and also have the highest turnover in personnel.”

Ydentic – an interesting partner to collaborate with

“We immediately thought that Ydentic was an interesting party to work with and, after a number of meetings, entered into a partnership with them. We clicked from day one. They are all young people who like to do business, just like us. They are very enthusiastic, outgoing and eager to move forward. And I think that’s why the business suits us so well. In addition, the platform they offer is rock-solid. When I contact Jorn and Micha, I notice they can almost read my thoughts. I speak to them about once a month, on average, but it was more often at the beginning.

“We have not yet been able to roll out the platform to all customers. This is the next step for us. After that, we will continue to build a customer portal with Ydentic in order to be able to offer even better support to our customers and reduce the workload on the service desk further. Some IT organizations have this in their ticket system, but our ticket system is not designed the way we would like. Ydentic helped us with this, so that we can offer it to our customers in turn.”

The collaboration in three words

“If I had to describe the collaboration in three words, I would think of terms like energetic, forward thinking and collaboration. For example, the energy is evident from the way in which our contacts are made, even if they are digital. You can tell from everything they do that they know a lot about service delivery, and that fits seamlessly with us. In addition, the guys are constantly thinking about the next step, while the communication and everything surrounding it is very much focused on working together”, Wendy continues.

Tips for others

“What I would say to others considering a collaboration such as this is that they should not simply look at whether the products fit together, but also whether there is a personal click. I think that’s very important, otherwise it won’t work. In this case, Ydentic is a very well-functioning and energetic organization, and so are we. Some organizations are unwieldy, and I think that would hinder this collaboration. Especially because we want to move forward so much, and in the other places you have the feeling you are inhibited by bureaucracy somewhat. Look, whichever way you look at it, IT changes very quickly, so you’ll have to help each other out a bit with certain things.”