Access and license management

Manage users, their rights, licenses and data all from one central portal. Work more efficiently by automating the entire lifecycle of employees.

User management via the Key User portal

The Key User portal is all about user management. In this portal users are created, roles are divided and structure is created in workplaces. From this environment, it is easy to grant authorization to end users who request a new password or need other rights to use an application. That may sound complicated, but it is not. Even without IT knowledge, Ydentic and the intuitive Key User portal are easy to operate.

Data management via the self-service End User portal

With the self-service portal for end users, employees are responsible for their own requests. For example, they simply request a new password or other user rights themselves. Because the authorization request is immediately sent to the right person in the Key User portal, it is processed faster. The employee responsible for the authorization will of course receive a notification if a request is awaiting approval. This way everyone has time for the things that really matter.

Microsoft License Management for Business and End Users

With Ydentic, licenses are managed centrally. This makes it possible for organizations to make a direct link (teer 1) with the Microsoft (CSP) Partner Portal or with a distributor (teer 2). This provides insight into used licenses of, for example, Office 365 or Microsoft 365. Delegate the buying and selling of licenses among employees within the organization to speed up the process. From the KeyUser Portal, licenses are easily assigned to specific employees after purchase.


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