Within Ydentic, integration with local or online cloud applications is very easy. Importing data or synchronizing it with other systems is easy. By performing these actions, the entire IT cycle of an organization is automated.

Simplify user management

Simplify user management and improve work processes by integrating applications into Ydentic. Think about: Office 365, Intune, SharePoint, OneSpan or your own applications. The Ydentic portal provides access, but also centralized administration of the applications.

Simplify HR processes

Improved efficiency in HR work is made simple by integrating various applications to Ydentic. The functionalities of each application are retained, but are operated from a central environment; the Ydentic portal. Nmbrs, Datto Autotask and ALSO Cloud Marketplace are some examples of this. Read more about this HR solution here.

Work more efficiently through application integrations

Simplify and improve user management by integrating with HRM and salary packages. Think about: Nmbrs, AFAS, ADP:


When creating a user within the Nmbrs environment, a user is automatically created within the company Active Directory, Azure or Office 365. This only applies if Nmbrs is integrated with Ydentic. This considerably accelerates the onboarding of an employee.

Datto Autotask

The link with Datto Autotask makes it possible to link events in Ydentic to services in Autotask. An example: when creating a new employee in Ydentic, the services to be purchased within a contract are automatically increased by one. Is an employee leaving? Then it will automatically decrease by one. In addition, connect SPLA or Office 365 to Autotask Services and keep a grip on the services to be invoiced to customers.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace

ALSO Cloud Marketplace integration with Ydentic makes it possible to purchase ALSO services without going to their Marketplace. This is possible within Ydentic. In the Ydentic portal, a marketplace is simply linked to a customer, so that they can purchase services and licenses themselves.


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