From leading Microsoft MSP to facilitator of innovation

“Modern Managed Service Providers add value to their customers' operational processes.” In 2017, this seemingly simple thought led to founding of Ydentic. It didn't take long for the core team, led by founder Jorn Wittendorp, to be up and running. Between them, they had already started, build and sold two successful service providers. And with that experience in mind, there wasn't a single doubt: when the MSP market starts to get saturated, this is where the winners separate themselves from the losers.


Value creation in customers' operational processes

Before you can focus on your customers' processes, you need a rock solid foundation. Daily management of users and workspaces needs to happen effortlessly. Customers must feel there's not a single thing you haven't thought of. They must trust in the processes you build for them and experience full control. Only then you're able to shift your attention to what really matters: value creation in your customers' the operational processes.

Ydentic enables modern MSPs to create such a foundation. Our smart software guarantees flawless processes, which were perfected through years of close collaboration with our partners.

The key to this, is automation: in Ydentic all daily IT management tasks are either fully or partially automated. And while Ydentic embraces the differences between local, hybrid and Azure tenants, the platform ensures your employees never have to deal with, or even understand, them.

That's how we enable dozens of leading Microsoft MSP's to excel where it really matters, while reducing operating costs to a minimum and eliminating knowledge barriers for employees.

  • Members of the Ydentic management team started what would become one of the most progressive and successful Managed Service Providers in The Netherlands.

  • The company is acquired by a major Dutch telecom provider. At the time, the company is responsible for managing over 40.000 end users.

  • Ydentic CEO Jorn starts a new company aiming to optimize user management processes through software. This company will later become Ydentic.

  • Ydentic is officially launched! The company is now fully committed to offer efficiency and scaleability to Managed Service Providers.

  • 30+ leading MSP's use the Ydentic platform to execute the daily IT management tasks they offer to their customers.

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jorn wittendorp
Founder & CEO
Jorn Wittendorp
Micha Bos
Sales Director
Micha Bos

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