Everything end users need for a productive working day

As a Managed Service Provider, you're always looking for new ways to add more value for your customers and end users. This strengthens the bond you have with them and allows you to generate more revenue.

Ydentic Workspace helps you achieve this. Besides enabling end users to reach out to your support desk, the web portal can be customized to become the perfect starting point for every browsing session. Simply add the productivity widgets, custom messages and company news that are relevant to (certain groups of) end users and you're good to go.

Centralized management
Self-service & personalization
Workflows & automation

Everything for a productive working day

Ydentic Workspace can be customized with a broad array of productivity widgets, such as calendars, recent emails and task managers. You can also create your own widgets and distribute them to any user you want.

Wrap your service in your customers' branding

Ydentic Workspace is highly customizable and can be easily branded in the corporate identity of your customer. This makes your service desk, and it's offering, feel as if it's truly a part of your customer's organization.

Simple customization for customers and user roles

Ydentic Workspace is designed to seamlessly fit the need of the end user. That's why we actively develop personalized widgets and enable you to adjust the layout according to the end users' needs.

Most used features

Standardized Fully integrated Simple & effective MSP or Customer Managed Centralized App Launcher Azure Single Sign On (SSO) Custom Tiles
Ydentic Partner Indito

Our frontline employees are effective much faster. Administrators can work more independently and rely less often on their project colleagues. This means they have more time to focus on more innovative projects.

Edwin de Goede CEO INDITO
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This collaboration has meant we have gained an enormous amount of functionality in a short period of time

Franck van Diest Portfolio Development
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Daily management tasks can be executed a lot faster. We have multiple offices, so having everyone do their job the same way makes a real difference. Processing time has decreased significantly, which saves costs as well.

Marianne Bax Manager Customer IT Operations
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Ydentic allows us to enable our customers to change passwords and user configurations themselves, without giving them the opportunity to make mistakes in the process.

Erwin Verhagen IT Consultant Arcus IT Group
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26 clicks to create a new user. Since we started using Ydentic, that's a thing of the past. Now, our people can spent more time on the challenging part of their job.

Johan Stolk Customer Operations Manager Benelux
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With Ydentic we are lifting our customer satisfaction to a great new level. Ydentic allows us to have full control of Identity Management and automated licensing fulfilment. Our customers needs to be ISO, NEN and GDPR compliant, with Ydentic this is a piece of cake.

Dankert Geene CEO SureGroup ICT
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