Simple, centralized multi-tenant management for Microsoft MSPs.

The Ydentic platform offers Managed Service Providers better, faster, smarter and more scaleable IT management.

Ydentic simplifies user & workspace management across all Microsoft Tenants

Imagine managing hundreds of Microsoft Tenants. Local, Hybrid, Shared ánd Azure Tenants. All mixed together. Now imagine they all work the same. Without a setting you can't configure. Using just one platform. And one set of keys. All safely hosted on your own infrastructure. That's what we invisioned when we sold the largest MSP of The Netherlands to a leading Telco. And now it's real. Welcome to Ydentic.

ydentic multi tenant

Multi-tenant Management for Microsoft MSP's

Ydentic centralizes & standardizes all management tasks Managed Service Providers face on a daily basis. This eliminates the need for sign-in procedures and tenant specific knowledge in your service desk. Our approach has proven to reduce the amount of tickets by up to 70% and saves a significant amount of time in the process of resolving tickets that remain. This enables you to serve more customer with fewer people and become more scaleable as an organization.

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ydentic enduser portal

Ydentic Workplace & Self-Service Portal

All end users deserve a quick solution for their problem. But even if everything works as it's supposed to, you want to do a little extra to brighten up their day. Ydentic Workspace allows you to do just that. Enabling you to further strengthen your bond with your customers and generate more revenue at the same time.

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Success Stories

Why do Microsoft MSPs love Ydentic?

Daily management tasks can be executed a lot faster. We have multiple offices, so having everyone do their job the same way makes a real difference. Processing time has decreased significantly, which saves costs as well.

Marianne Bax Manager Customer IT Operations

Ydentic allows us to enable our customers to change passwords and user configurations themselves, without giving them the opportunity to make mistakes in the process.

Erwin Verhagen IT Consultant Arcus IT Group

Customers demand speed; they want users to be able to get to work right away. When a service desk is involved, that's just not possible. But with Ydentic, our customers can take care of their needs themselves.

Rody van Egmond Commercial Director ITON

26 clicks to create a new user. Since we started using Ydentic, that's a thing of the past. Now, our people can spent more time on the challenging part of their job.

Johan Stolk Customer Operations Manager Benelux

With Ydentic we are lifting our customer satisfaction to a great new level. Ydentic allows us to have full control of Identity Management and automated licensing fulfilment. Our customers needs to be ISO, NEN and GDPR compliant, with Ydentic this is a piece of cake.

Dankert Geene CEO SureGroup ICT
28 Nov

European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference

  • Monday 28 November 2022
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • Copenhagen
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