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The Ydentic platform is used on a daily basis by 30+ Managed Service Provides in The Netherlands and abroad. Among our partners, are multiple Top 10 Dutch MSP's. To them, Ydentic is a unique selling point and a standard component of their proposition.

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Ydentic comes with a variety of long-term strategic benefits for Microsoft MSP's. But above all else, the platform facilitates uniform user- & workspace management processes that require less time and knowledge to execute. Therefor, Ydentic enables MSP's to serve more customer with fewer people and become more scaleable.

Out-of-the-box benefits for Ydentic Partners:

  • Uniform management of all your customers' local, hybrid, shared & Azure tenants
  • Huge increase in efficiency when it comes to daily IT management
  • Significant improvement in customer experience through self-service
  • Highly customizable (white-label) self-service portal for all your customers

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05 Sep

Cloudfactory – The Partner Day 2024

  • Thursday 05 September 2024
  • 08:00 - 16:00
  • Esbjerg, Denmark
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Ydentic enables Microsoft MSP's to serve more customers with fewer people. This allows your organisation to become more scaleable, reduce operating costs significantly and invest more time in your customers' success. In just 30 minutes, Milan Langenhof guides you through the steps and shows you how it works. Plan your private demo now.

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