Scaleability and cost reductions for Managed Service Providers

Ydentic enables MSP's to manage their entire Microsoft IT-landscape from within one platform. By connecting your customers' local, hybrid and Azure tenants, you're able to manage, monitor and control every aspect of each environment. You'll eliminate sign-in procedures, reduce your employees' need for in-depth know-how and save time and money when it comes to daily IT management. Would you like to know how it works? Just keep reading.

Full traceability
Centralized Management

Multi-tenant Management

Ydentic encapsulates all your customers' local, hybrid and Azure tenants in one uniform portal. This allows you to serve all your customers in the same way, improve customer satisfaction and save time & money in the process.

  • Ydentic supports all types of Active Directory
  • Manage hunderds of tentants without signing in or out
  • Delegate rights to your customers and put them in the driving seat
  • Serve more customers with fewer people
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User Lifecycle Management

Ydentic utilizes best-practise based workflows to simplify and automate on and offboarding processes, as well as daily user management tasks. Simply define the specific resources, access rights and applications a role or function requires and our platform ensures new employees can get to work right away.

  • Define and standardize every detail of roles & functions
  • Take care of daily IT management tasks automatically
  • Create personalized onboardings for new employees
  • Automate the offboarding process with workflows & escalations
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Workflows & Approvals

Ydentic's workflows enable you to easily standarize and automate the handling processes of recurring requests. This ensures requests are processed in a consistent and predictable manner, regardless of whom the request is assigned to.

  • Standardize the process behind every request
  • Automatically authorize requests in multiple steps
  • Distribute new workflows to multiple customers
  • Drastically reduce the cost of your service desk
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ydentic approvals

Microsoft License Management

Gain real-time insight into the licenses you manage on your customers' behalf. Key statistics and custom reports can be easily composed and shared with your shareholders. And finally, you can leverage our API's to connect with Power BI dashboards, distributors or invoicing software.

  • Manage all your customers' licenses in one place
  • Create custom reports for every stakeholder
  • Connect with Microsoft Partner Portal (NCE) or your distributor
  • Automatically charge customers for the licenses they use
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Microsoft licentie management

Ydentic Workspace

For end users, Ydentic Workspace is the gateway to your service desk. But it can be so much more than that. The highly customizable web portal allows you to add personalized widgets, company wide announcements and personal message, as well as any widget you choose to create and add.

  • Everything for a productive working day
  • Wrap your services in your customers' branding
  • Simple customization for customers and user roles
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Self Service Portal

Every second counts for end users who contact your service desk. Therefore, you want to help them right away. That's exactly what the Ydentic self service portal does: it finds an automated solution for the issue at hand and offers end users an immediate response.

  • Process recurring requests with automated workflows
  • Reset passwords automatically with multi factor authentication
  • Automatically grant permission to access resources
  • Delegate permissions to give your customer operational control
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ydentic enduser portal

Auditing & Reporting

All data and logs you need to analyze your business processes and satisfy your compliance requirements are consistently and indelibly aggregated by Ydentic. Our platform helps you translate this data into actionable insights. You can also choose to export your data or use our API's to process the raw data with your favorite tools.

  • Log all changes across local, hybrid & Azure Tenants in one place
  • Visualize changes and events with Ydentic Insights
  • Create real-time rapports with Microsoft Power BI
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ydentic auditing reporting

Tenant Onboarding

Onboarding new customers works differently when you work with Ydentic. That's because Ydentic seamlessly connects with local, hybrid and Azure tenants without having to rely on deprecated documentation or resisting former administrators.

  • Migrate Microsoft Tenants with - or without - code
  • Ydentic supports all available types of Microsoft Tenant
  • We have 15 years of experience as a Managed Service Provider and we're always by your side
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Platform Infrastructure

As a Managed Service Provider, you don't rely on someone else for operational control over critical systems. And the same applies to your customers' data. That's why Ydentic is conveniently installed in your own Microsoft IT infrastructure and protected by your own security meassures.

  • Software as a Service within your own IT infrastructure
  • Add your own security meassures where you need it
  • Ydentic is built on Microsoft technology and prepared for all future developments
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Platform Integrations

Besides local, hybrid and Azure tenants, Managed Service Providers manage software for HR, Finance, Sales and Marketing. Ydentic allows you to connect these systems with one another. And control them all from one central hub.

  • Connect local, hybrid & Azure tenants with 3rd party software
  • Use our favorite apps our build your own integrations
  • Trigger HR apps from within Ydentic workflows
  • Get full insight into the usage of integrations
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Ydentic enables Microsoft MSP's to serve more customers with fewer people. This allows your organisation to become more scaleable, reduce operating costs significantly and invest more time in your customers' success. In just 30 minutes, Milan Langenhof guides you through the steps and shows you how it works. Plan your private demo now.

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