“Access to all necessary IT resources related to daily tasks.”

Access and license management

Keep a grip on users, rights and data from one central environment. Automate and manage the entire license lifecycle, all from the Ydentic Platform.

Audit and reporting

Authorize users and keep track of who makes changes where and when within the IT environment. Reports are created automatically and are accessible 24/7.

Self service

Employees manage their own data via the self-service portal. Requesting authorization for an application, performing a password reset or changing permissions is done in no time. This prevents tickets on the service desk and increases employee satisfaction.


Simplify and improve user management and processes by integrating with other local or cloud applications.

Customer management

Ydentic makes it possible to manage multiple IT landscapes from one platform. Monitor, report, anticipate and maintain control.

Workflows and events

Determine where requests to resources end up by establishing workflows. Control events in the IT environment by sending notifications when changes occur.

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Access to all necessary IT resources related to daily tasks.

No manual User managemen

User rights and changes visible at a glance

Integrate, synchronize and import with / from applications

Manage and automate multiple IT processes

Self-service, for a self-reliant user

Every organization should be able to easily carry out the daily management of the modern workplace, from one central platform. Both IT organizations that serve one or more customers, as well as end users who use IT resources every day to perform their work.