Daily management tasks can be executed a lot faster. We have multiple offices, so having everyone do their job the same way makes a real difference. Processing time has decreased significantly, which saves costs as well.

Marianne Bax Manager Customer IT Operations

26 clicks to create a new user. Since we started using Ydentic, that's a thing of the past. Now, our people can spent more time on the challenging part of their job.

Johan Stolk Customer Operations Manager Benelux

Wanneer ik kijk naar de samenwerking met Ydentic dan kan ik zeggen dat we met name op de servicedesk meer rust ervaren.

Wendy de Groot vCIO & Teamlead IT Support a.i.

Customers demand speed; they want users to be able to get to work right away. When a service desk is involved, that's just not possible. But with Ydentic, our customers can take care of their needs themselves.

Rody van Egmond Commercial Director ITON

With Ydentic we are lifting our customer satisfaction to a great new level. Ydentic allows us to have full control of Identity Management and automated licensing fulfilment. Our customers needs to be ISO, NEN and GDPR compliant, with Ydentic this is a piece of cake.

Dankert Geene CEO SureGroup ICT
Micha Bos

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