About ydentic

“Every organization must be able to easily carry out the daily management of the modern workplace. From a platform, without needing IT knowledge. ”

Years of experience in simplifying IT processes

Many IT organizations face the challenge of managing one or more customer environments. Ydentic offers a standard solution to simplify the management of users and workplaces, from one central environment: the Ydentic Platform.

This unique Ydentic concept was launched 12 years ago. Since then, the focus has been on maintaining the added value. Ydentic knows how to realize this with personal attention and genuine interest in improving work processes. In this way, the software continues to do what is necessary to simplify IT management.

‘Manage all your on-premises, hybrid and Azure customer environments from one portal without the knowledge of IT.’

Maarten de Vries

Jorn Wittendorp

Micha Bos

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