hallo,: “Guided from A to Z”

A big part of the work for a support department is helping customers manage existing accounts and creating new users in systems. Hallo, was looking for a solution to reduce the service desk workload and make this work easier. And they found their way to Ydentic. “Ydentic was there for us all the way to make the project a success,” says Customer IT Operations Manager Marianne Bax.

Hallo, is an ICT partner for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Netherlands. “By offering smart online workspaces, flexible telephony and secure cloud solutions, we help our customers run their business and grow,” explains Marianne. “This means we deal with many different ICT platforms. Every platform has its own user management method. This created a large workload for our support department, and we really wanted to reduce it.” It soon became apparent that Ydentic was the ideal solution. “There are few other solutions on the market that can connect to all those different platforms and still be stable and secure. This is why Ydentic was the perfect solution for us.” Furthermore, it was easy to allow customers to do part of the user management themselves. “This meant solving customers’ problems faster.”


Of course, it took a while to find the new working method after the platform was implemented. Our people felt they had extra actions to perform at first. But this soon became a thing of the past, as they started to notice the advantages and the time savings. “Management can be done so much faster. We have different locations. Now that everyone works in the same way, this makes a big difference. The lead time has really decreased a lot. And this also results in cost savings.”

Easy implementation

“Ydentic was there for us every step of the way, making sure everything went smoothly,” Marianne says. “They really guided us from A to Z: from developing the business case, to the implementation and acceptance of the platform.” This ensured Ydentic could be seamlessly integrated into Hallo,’s systems and those of their customers. “The service and support they provided helped us enormously. In that respect they are just like us, a real partner who does everything in their power to help and support their customers.”