How Ekco grows it’s business with Ydentic

Creating a user profile is not the most challenging task. “Especially if it takes 26 clicks to create one profile. Fortunately, with Ydentic, that’s a thing of the past,” says Johan Stolk, Customer Operations Manager Benelux at Ekco. “Our people can now spend more time on the more enjoyable parts of their job.”

“We looked at a few parties when we started researching a solution for our user management. They all offered a closed solution, but we were looking for flexibility and a standard solution. This was because of the diversity of our customers,” says Stolk. “And this is how we ended up at Ydentic, because they could provide the flexibility we needed. We were one of the first partners. This has led to a great collaboration over the past six years, resulting in a great product.” But it took some getting used to. “Many people were apprehensive, to be honest. They were afraid they would become “clickers” who were simply wrangling a web interface all day long, sucking all the fun out of the work. But once they saw the benefits, they quickly changed their minds. They now have more time to do the things they enjoy. “

Faster, simpler, clearer

“We provide and manage all the necessary IT for our customers. This involves plenty of user management, which can be time consuming. Thanks to Ydentic and the standardization of user creation, work in many areas has now become a lot faster, simpler and clearer,” continues Stolk. “For example, it makes a huge difference in e-mail traffic. Customers previously had to e-mail us to change something or add a new user. We then went to work and had to send them our answer once we were done. Customers can now do these things themselves via the Ydentic portal. “And because multiple customers can work in the portal at the same time, the process is faster and easier for both us and them.”

ISO 27001

Ekco has many customers in various industries, including healthcare and legal. “This means sensitive data is shared quite a lot,” explains Stolk. “We are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, and this means we must be able to guarantee the data is properly secured. We can maintain compliance because Ydentic’s working method is based on standardization and automated processes, which greatly reduces the chance of human error. And this is true even if customers work in the portal themselves. The separation of data and the compartmentalisation of customers is arranged perfectly. This is a hard requirement with such a variety of customers and Ydentic makes it possible!”