INDITO up and running in two weeks. “The speed with which we implemented it, says it all.”

Ydentic Partner Indito

INDITO employees were so thrilled by the user-friendliness of onboarding clients through the Ydentic platform that the company had the system up and running and all clients transferred within two weeks. The platform has been operational for a few weeks now, and they’re already noticing a boost in effectiveness, particularly among frontline staff and administrators. This improvement has also made a noticeable difference in freeing up time for project managers.

Exactly what we needed

INDITO is an acronym for the Dutch words INnovatieve in Deventer gevestigde IT Oplossing (Innovative IT solutions based in Deventer). Innovation and Deventer have been at the heart of INDITO’s philosophy over its 10-year existence. In 2013, director Edwin de Goede was triggered into action by Microsoft’s new 365 suite, foreseeing its potential to revolutionize the office world. He is a firm believer in continuous development: of IT, people, and organizations. “No organization is the same as it was five years ago. That wouldn’t be healthy.” Indito is constantly evolving, now serving a growing client base with its 45 employees, whose needs have increased not only in number but also in complexity, necessitating the professionalization of their own operations.

During their search for a tool to standardize user management for their clients, they quickly discovered Ydentic. Other tools offered similar functionalities but were immediately ruled out. “Microsoft itself provides functionalities for user management, but they are generic, intended for larger companies. Like Excel, you end up with 1001 features when you only need ten. With the Ydentic platform, we get exactly the functionalities we use every day. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s what makes it user-friendly.”

A 2 to 3 week turnaround thanks to employee enthusiasm

Ydentic’s platform requires standardizing your management processes and onboarding, which can take some time to set up and transition all clients.

Not for INDITO!

Within two to three weeks, all their clients were switched to the platform. INDITO had already standardized some processes, but according to Edwin, the key to their rapid transition was the staff’s realization of how much smoother the new system worked. “The speed of implementation speaks volumes. Once our staff experienced how easy it was to onboard an organization with one or two clients, their enthusiasm was sparked. Ydentic spent just two days with us to get started. That’s all it took. Our staff were so keen, they quickly learned on their own. With just three people, not even working full-time, we set up the platform and switched all clients over within two to three weeks.

Frontline more effective

Having only used the platform for a few weeks, INDITO is already seeing improvements, particularly in handling reports. Incidents, expansions, or adjustments are resolved faster. New clients are onboarded more swiftly. “Our frontline workers are immediately more effective on the phone or in emails. Administrators can work more independently and less frequently need to call on their project colleagues to resolve an incident. This allows them more time to focus on more innovative projects.

In the past, you were often dependent on the person who did the setup.
Not anymore.

In this way, the Ydentic platform supports Indito’s philosophy of developing innovative IT solutions for clients. “The care should just be effortless. Our clients need reliability, speed, and quality. The Ydentic platform supports this. Whether you outsource it to us or use the self-service portal, it should be straightforward, something you don’t need to worry about. That way, we can focus on innovation.

Yes, competitors, also for you!

Asked if he would recommend it to competitors, Edwin first responds with a laugh, “No, definitely not!” But then, jokingly adds, “On second thought, yes, do it, because it makes our job easier when we take over their clients. They’re already standardized, and we can integrate them into our environment with no fuss.” Since INDITO has just transitioned to the platform, it’s now all about using, learning, and developing. In the future, more clients will be able to manage their own services through the self-service portal. And ideas for the next steps are already bubbling up. Edwin is eager to push, manage, and maintain the solutions they develop for clients through the Ydentic platform. He knows Ydentic is open to this. Their collaboration with Ydentic is very open-ended. Communication is direct, and there’s a strong connection: “Jorn and I are two entrepreneurs who see eye to eye on collaboration and partnership. We were supposed to meet for half an hour, and it ended up being two and a half hours. That says everything about our intentions and how we want to work together.