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Customer case: Healthcare institution with Afas and traditional Active Directory (AD) management

At the end of last year (2021), SureGroup ICT asked Ydentic for help to simplify the current AD management at a healthcare institution. The healthcare institution works with Afas  as HR software. All administrative tasks in the AD are performed manually by the service desk. The wish is to fully automate the inflow, through and outflow process (IDU process) of healthcare employees. Ydentic is a certified Afas partner. SureGroup ICT and Ydentic make it possible to offer the IDU process automated as a service at the healthcare institution. This allows the service desk to monitor the entire IDU process from one portal and perform management tasks easily, error-free and fast. No more waiting times for accounts of new employees and tickets are resolved quickly and adequately.

SureCloud365 as standard workplace

Organizations need to outsource as much as possible to one IT supplier. But with the ease of insight, control and direction over its IT. It must comply with legislation and regulations such as ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and AVG. SureGroup ICT believes it is important that organizations handle information security properly. With SureCloud365, SureGroup ICT can demonstrate where the data is located. Ydentic makes it possible to gain insight, control and direction over the IT environment. As a result, the customer of the SureCloud365 workplace service is less dependent on its IT department or service desk. As a result, SureGroup ICT can market its workplace service in a standardized manner and at minimal cost.