Wortell: “This collaboration has meant we have gained an enormous amount of functionality in a short period of time”

If we had to make the choice again, we would definitely choose Ydentic, 100%

Franck van Diest, Portfolio Development at Wortell

“In recent years, we have made a transition within Wortell from a project-oriented organization to a service-oriented organization. And at a certain point, this included engaging in a collaboration with Ydentic. This was due to the workplace management we offer our customers. Despite the fact companies like to outsource, they always want to maintain a certain degree of control. This is understandable, but clear framing is required at the same time because both we and our customers are pushing the same buttons.” We’re talking to Franck van Diest, Portfolio Development at Wortell, a leading Dutch managed service provider. Wortell provides a wide range of solutions on the Microsoft platform to help customers do their daily work. Wortell’s services include setting up, commissioning and managing workstations, delivering intranets, keeping applications accessible, and guaranteeing very high-quality security. The company also has a branch that focuses on structuring and visualizing all available data, which in turn helps the formulation of intelligent decision-making, among other things.

Franck: “During this transition from project-oriented to service-oriented thinking, we looked around the market for a party that was not only professional, but also had a vision that’s similar to our own. We invited several companies, reviewed various solutions, and on the basis of a number of criteria decided Ydentic was probably going to be the partner for us, because it suits us best. And thanks to this collaboration, we received many functionalities in a short time with which we could help our customers. That was two years ago. Since then, Ydentic has been introduced as a permanent part of our workplace proposition. The rich range of functionalities makes life easier for our administrators, and it gives customers the opportunity to continue to support certain processes themselves.”

Specifically chosen for Ydentic

“The reason we specifically chose Ydentic did not even have anything to do with the technical-functional aspect alone, even though I have to say it is very well put together. For us it was more about the combination of Ydentic being a young organization that expressed its willingness to work with us to develop new functionalities. And they also wanted to accompany us to meetings with our customers. And, finally, they developed links and extensions for our customers in consultation with us,” says Franck. “In addition, the personal click was very good between Jorn, Micha and me, but certainly also with the rest of the organization. It is very easy to make a phone call, connect, or spar about a certain subject. This makes the collaboration meaningful and enjoyable. Furthermore, the character of the company, the good product, the clear roadmap, and the extensive track record made us decide to enter into a partnership with them.”

The collaboration in three words

“For me, this collaboration is pleasant, transparent and, moreover, equal. And I think that the last word is extremely important in a partnership. We are no better than them, and they are no better than us,” Franck continues. “Together we have a goal and a mission. And I think the back and forth is great because the position of some similar players in the market is so deeply rooted in the systems and processes of customers that it can sometimes be quite challenging to name a party like Ydentic in your proposition. However, we have made a very conscious decision to do so. Understanding how this market works, and there are a number of major players, is important for others who are also looking for collaboration in this area.”

Future planning and vision in order

“Finally, when you enter into a partnership such as this, you are doing it for the longer term. This long-term partnership makes it important for a company like Ydentic to have its future planning and vision formulated in the form of a clear roadmap. This is a pillar our customers do not see much of, although it is important. And they’ve done that well too. If we had to make the choice again, we would definitely choose Ydentic, 100%! And this is absolutely thanks to the way we can work together, move forward together and thus offer our customers the best experience”, concludes Franck.