From onboarding to deployment with solutions from Ydentic and Liquit

Ydentic & Liquit Integration

Sometimes there are innovations that complement each other very nicely. Companies that share the same culture and motivation.  Ydentic is proud to have such a new collaboration with Liquit commencing this month. Together we are working on the ultimate customer and employee experience in the modern workspace.  

IT environments are becoming more and more complex, and this creates various challenges. Many different technologies, devices, and locations where users work. End-users want to work anytime, anywhere and on any device without disruption by changes on the IT side.  For example, a service desk nowadays often encounters changes, user rights that are not in accordance with the agreement, and not everything being accessible in one place. 

Liquit develops innovative software for the delivery of and access to all applications and services within an organization. The powerful platform brings together all existing technologies and determines which is most suitable for the end-user when they need an application. Furthermore, by deploying single sign-on, users only need to log in once.  In addition, Liquit simplifies the process of configuration, deployment and patching of applications. 

Ydentic develops modern software for the joiners, movers and leavers and everything in between. The Ydentic platform provides a solution to simplify the management of users and workstations, from one central environment. This allows them to automate and standardize many time-consuming processes within the helpdesk. Think of the numerous requests for a password reset, or creation of new users: fully linked to roles and/or functions within an organization. 

The Ydentic App Launcher, Ydentic’s digital workplace, is now able to universally offer applications thanks to the integration possibility with Liquit. Application can be offered anywhere and anytime regardless of the device and location of the user and underlying technology. This enables Managed Services Providers to offer their own services centrally via the App Launcher and management is easy as the App Launcher is an integral part of the Ydentic Platform.  

Together we are now able to manage the entire process from onboarding to deployment. Without the need for technical knowledge from the end customer.  

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