Milan Langenhof, 5 January 2024

Integrating automation as an MSP

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Sure, it’s an open secret that finding qualified staff within the MSP world is quite a challenge. And once you’ve found the right talent, it remains a task to ensure they’re quickly and effectively onboarded. Introducing these new people also brings a new dynamic within your organization.

A clear process design and smooth execution can absorb this dynamic. It’s also no secret that many MSPs could still use some refinement here. You are caught up in the daily operation, which means the structure of the organization lags behind the dynamics of your clients.

Automation and AI

Streamlining operations through process automation is one of the ways to improve that execution. For example, Deloitte conducted research into automation in business. The most mentioned benefits of (smart) automation are:

  • Increased productivity (89%)
  • Cost savings (88%)
  • Improved accuracy (86%)
  • Better customer experience (85%)

Another study conducted by McKinsey shows that on average, MSPs who implement automation save up to 35% more on costs and see process cycle times reduced by 50 to 60% compared to MSPs who do not. The research also found that MSPs that implement automation can improve their customer service quality, reduce the time needed to perform tasks, and lower their personnel costs.

These figures demonstrate the power of automation and the potential benefits for MSPs.

Automation as a solution

As an ‘automator,’ it’s no secret to you that by automating your processes, you can alleviate the pressure on the need for new employees. You simply become much more efficient. Especially if you can shift many standard tasks, such as a password reset or adding an extra user, to your customers. They are often perfectly capable of handling these matters themselves.

Moreover, automation can also help reduce errors and increase consistency in workflows. It minimizes the chance of human errors, especially in repetitive tasks. Furthermore, by automating simple processes, you can free up your team’s time so they can focus on more important, strategic initiatives.

And that certainly applies to you as an MSP. Your operational organization is the basis of your monthly service provision.

The future role of AI

We are also on the eve of a particularly promising promising leap forward in automation. AI is becoming a major player in the digitalization of organizations and will certainly have an impact on service processes. Together with all the data generated from these processes, AI will exert a great influence on both customer support and internal processes.

AI not only improves efficiency but also provides more accuracy and speed in processes. For example, AI can be used to recognize patterns and trends, allowing you to proactively offer solutions before problems occur.

Additionally, AI can improve the user experience by offering personalized interactions. Customer service bots, for example, can analyze your customer behavior and provide individualized support, thereby achieving improved customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Moreover, AI can contribute to data-driven decision-making. With access to real-time insights, you can respond faster and more effectively to market changes, improve efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

Integrating AI and automation as an MSP

Automation and AI can offer a range of benefits for an MSP:

  • Streamlining operations:
    Automate repetitive tasks and free up time and resources for more complex tasks.
  • Reducing reliance on a large workforce:
    Use AI to perform tasks currently done by humans.
  • Improving overall efficiency: Enhance the efficiency of all aspects of your business, from customer support to IT management.

Some examples of how you can integrate automation and AI include automating customer service with chatbots, automating IT management tasks such as software patching, user account management, and system performance monitoring, and automating sales and marketing tasks such as lead qualification and lead tracking.

While AI – especially in the coming years – will not yet be the total solution for the labor market issue, it can greatly assist you. The combination of smart HR policy, standardization in your organization, and further automation provide the key to success. By integrating these technologies, you can streamline your activities, reduce your dependency on a large workforce, and improve your overall efficiency. Automation and AI offer a powerful tool to overcome labor market challenges.

Automating with Ydentic

At Ydentic, we have already proven at many MSPs how the combination of standardization and automation relieves the pressure on employees. We help you confidently address the challenges of labor market tightness. Ready to guide your company in this direction? Feel free to contact us by email or phone to talk further, or schedule a demo right below to experience the benefits of Ydentic for yourself.