Micha Bos, 25 August 2023

Labor Market Shortage: The Opportunity to Grow Your Team (and Your Business) 

Ydentic Modern Workspace

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are thriving. The shortage of IT personnel has increased demand from small and medium-sized businesses for their services, creating plenty of growth opportunities. However, MSPs need more IT talent, often unable to seize these opportunities. 

In 2023, the shortage of IT professionals reached a new low, with approximately 76.000 job vacancies compared to only a handful of job-seeking IT professionals. So, there’s no point in fishing in an empty pond. But what then? How can you keep growing without new IT staff?  

Perhaps the growth opportunities have been right under your nose all along. It’s time to shine the spotlight on the hidden talents within your current team! 

A Strong Team in the Long Run 

Until now, many MSPs have sought talent externally. They try to attract new IT talent with appealing working conditions and bonuses, but this doesn’t retain IT professionals in the long run. Especially Millennials and Generation Z value less the GSM (Money, Status, and Power) and more the 4Ps (People, Planet, Profit & Pleasure). They seek meaningful work that contributes to their happiness, which includes flexible work hours, work-life balance, and personal development.  

A demanding generation? Not at all! Sharpening the skills of your current IT staff is the answer to your ongoing shortage of IT specialists. Your key to sustainable growth is not in the constant search for new talent but in the hidden potential within your current team.  

Benefits of Further Education 

First, let’s look at the benefits of further education and development of your IT staff: 

  • More job satisfaction and, thus, productivity, 
  • Happy employees, 
  • Lower turnover, longer tenures, 
  • Quicker adaptation to new technologies and trends, 
  • Ability to answer more complex customer questions. 

Making Time for Personal Development 

This may take time, reducing the availability of your staff. That’s true, but you can solve this by automating repetitive tasks. Tasks like creating or deleting accounts can often be time-consuming. And increasingly so as more businesses and processes move to the cloud. Many MSPs even perform these tasks manually. 

These tasks are not the most exciting for IT professionals, especially if they’re highly educated. Yet your clients expect you to keep these services in order. You can meet this expectation by standardizing and automating these tasks, even as the number of accounts grows. 

With Ydentic’s platform, you can standardize and automate tasks like workplace management, multi-tenant management, and process automation. This uniform approach might take some time for your clients, but they’ll quickly realize the benefits: faster processing of their requests and less prone to error. 

More Standardization, More Enjoyable Work 

With the platform’s help, you can serve more clients and rely less on your highly educated IT professionals, paving the way for growth. Meanwhile, your IT experts can focus on answering more complex customer questions, where they can make a difference. 

Since employees have more time for creative and analytical work, this contributes to a better task balance and work-life equilibrium. Your team can focus more on customer needs and expectations, enhancing customer experience. 

So, if you nurture your existing IT team and invest in their development, you’re building a resilient and future-proof company. 

Investing to Reap Rewards 

Yes, this approach requires an investment in standardizing your work processes and developing your current team. But it’s an investment that pays back through growth, a passionate and loyal team, and a better working atmosphere. Your greatest asset for growth isn’t outside; it’s right beside you.  

Your employees are your greatest asset for seizing growth opportunities. 

So, are you open to innovation and change, elevating your team’s potential and your business? Or will you continue to fish in the same pond? 

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