Micha Bos, 30 May 2022

This is how you transform 5 challenges from the MSP into the desired situation

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In our blog two weeks ago, we talked about the realization that today’s MSPs have now reached: that they cannot grow at the desired pace, the quality of the service is deteriorating, and customers are becoming dissatisfied because basic tasks such as creating a new employee require 3 days lead time. In addition, employees are having to deal with high work pressure, which means they start looking around for new opportunities. This can lead to a situation where you are constantly putting out fires, leaving no time (or energy) to focus on internal improvements. And these are very much required. Fortunately, as stated previously, there is an alternative to your current working method: an alternative based on automation and standardization. One thing is certain, though: you have to work differently. After all, if you do the same as you’ve always done, you’ll get exactly the same as you’ve always got. And this won’t help you any further, certainly not in this market. What if you could automate, standardize and make the daily worries that consume all your time and energy more efficient?

The current versus the new (desired) situation

Below, we describe a number of the daily tasks you can tackle in a smarter way to solve stagnating growth, increasing work pressure, and the loss of customers and employees, all based on the current situation and the new, desired situation you can choose.

Current situationserving customers (multi-tenant management) costs a lot of time and energy.

New situation: consolidate all of your customers’ local, hybrid and Azure tenants into one uniform platform. This will ensure you are able to serve all your customers in the same way, you will improve customer satisfaction, and you will save time and money.

  • Connect any type of Active Directory (local, hybrid, and full Azure AD)
  • Manage hundreds of tenants without logging in and out.
  • Delegate rights to your end customer, and give this end customer control.
  • Service more clients with fewer people.

Current situation: user management takes up a lot of time and is still done manually. Moreover, things are often forgotten in the various processes that are followed.

New situation: easily manage & automate the inflow, throughput and outflow processes of your customers. For example, new employees can start working immediately, transferees have direct access to new systems, and you have full control over the data of departing employees. How exactly can you do that?

  • Define and standardize every detail of the roles & functions.
  • Handle daily management tasks automatically.
  • Create personalized onboarding for each new employee.
  • Use phased workflows and escalation ladders to automate the outflow process.

Current situation: recurring support requests take a lot of time and have a relatively high margin of error.

New situation: easily standardize and automate the handling of recurring support requests. The result is that your service desk will always follow the same scalable process from now on, and you will limit the margin of error to the absolute minimum.

  • Standardize the process behind every request.
  • Automatically get approval from different people and teams within an organization.
  • Easily distribute proven workflows to multiple customers.
  • Achieve drastic cost savings on your service desk.

Current situation: keeping an up-to-date insight into the licenses of your customers is difficult

New situation: opt for real-time insight into the licenses you manage for your customers. Key figures and reports are easy to share with stakeholders, and you can easily connect to your administration system using smart links. This means license costs can be charged automatically.

  • Manage all your customers’ licenses in one place.
  • Create reports for yourself and your stakeholders.
  • Streamline your purchasing process using links to the Microsoft Partner Portal (NCE) and various distributors.
  • Automatically charge license costs to your customers.

Current situation: end users often lose a lot of time because they have to log in to different systems. This causes irritation and a reduction in job satisfaction.

New situation: provide end users with a gateway to your service desk. You can then easily add productivity-enhancing widgets to the personalized web portal and draw attention to your additional services.

  • Everything required for a productive working day in one place.
  • Package your services in the customer’s house style.
  • Simple management at customer and functional level.

In our next blog, which will be published in two weeks, we will share another 5 current and desired situations with you. You will surely recognise what we are talking about.