Arcus IT Group ‘One process for all our companies’

Everyone works in their own way. Some engineers use standard Active Directory naming conventions for identifying users, groups and more, others don’t. Clear agreements are central in this context, but how do you do that if you work across multiple locations? “It’s only possible through standardisation, which is exactly what Ydentic does for us,” says Erwin Verhagen, IT consultant at Arcus IT.

Arcus IT provides process optimisations to its customers by implementing standard solutions. “But we didn’t have a standard method for user management ourselves. We work in multiple locations and everyone works in their own way, sometimes using their own solutions,” says Verhagen. Arcus IT has grown tremendously in recent years, partly due to the various acquisitions it has undertaken. These acquisitions already had their own standards, which meant integration took more time. “This created ambiguity and cost an unnecessary amount of time.” So Arcus IT started looking for a solution that could bundle the different working methods into one standard process. “We had already tested a potential solution with Ydentic previously. We already knew what it could do. Unfortunately, other priorities took precedence and we did not complete the work. This time we succeeded and we have benefited greatly.”

Forgotten password

The implementation of the Ydentic platform was completed prior to last summer. “The great thing about Ydentic is that we can give customers rights to change passwords and perform some other user changes themselves. It’s all perfectly protected, so they can”t really do anything wrong. Our customers are happy with it, and it is also very useful for us.” says Verhagen. “What we often see is that people forget their password when they return from summer holidays. This used to mean a lot of work for us. But with our new platform, customers can sort these problems out themselves. As such, we completed the implementation just in time.” The process went very smoothly, Verhagen adds. “Of course it took some getting used to, because we had to adjust some of our working methods. But thanks to the training Ydentic provided to our admins, this actually posed no problem at all.”

Intuitive portal

For Arcus IT, the standardisation of user management was the main reason for choosing Ydentic. “But it also looks ‘slick’, very nicely designed. It feels very natural to work with, very intuitive,” says Verhagen. “And customers who manage their own user profiles agree on that. This group, by the way, is steadily growing now, because we have made this our standard operating procedure. Our customers are happy with this, because they can now solve minor issues themselves and quickly return to work.”