Leon Badart, 6 June 2023

Keeping your IT talent as an MSP? Automate! 

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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you constantly seek ways to enhance your services to satisfy your clients. Attracting and maintaining top IT talent is crucial to your success in this. Only with competent and motivated staff can you fulfil your promises and grow. Moreover, drawing in and keeping top IT talent is an escalating challenge within the IT sector. 

Numerous MSPs are grappling with an IT skills gap and need more qualified personnel. Therefore, businesses must appeal to talented professionals within the IT sector. Only with talent on your team can you stay ahead of the competition and grow your business. 

But how do you achieve this? 

One of the solutions is to automate and standardise work processes. This blog illustrates how process standardisation and automation relate to employee retention, detailing the benefits it provides to your team members. 

7 Benefits of process standardisation and automation that your employees can gain from 

A lot of your client queries likely relate to daily management. This includes creating new users, cleaning up outgoing employees, < and other examples of what the Ydentic platform takes over>. For IT professionals, these types of tasks are relatively straightforward. Furthermore, clients appreciate it less. It’s an essential commodity, but it just needs to function. The more challenging issues are what pleases your IT professionals and your client. 

The Ydentic platform offers streamlined workspace and multi-tenant management, allowing your IT professionals to dedicate more time to challenging and rewarding projects. And that provides the following advantages for your IT staff: 

1. More efficient and productive  

By standardising and automating work processes, you increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. Repetitive tasks get automated, allowing employees to focus on tasks that require their skills and expertise and offer them more of a challenge. 

2. Better margins, higher wages, and long-term employment 

If your employer can satisfy client needs by delivering promptly and can grow in the competitive MSP market, then you, as an IT professional, are comfortable. IT professionals don’t like to switch either. If you know your employer has worked for the upcoming years, it’s an advantage for newcomers and a reason for employees to stay. 

3. More job satisfaction 

Performing fewer repetitive and mundane tasks leads to more job satisfaction and higher employee contentment. And satisfied employees stick around. It makes sense! 

4. More opportunities for growth and personal  

By providing employees with the right tools to quickly complete standard tasks, they feel more valued and can develop in other areas. Employees are more likely to continue working for a company that supports their professional development and growth. 

5. Optimum performance 

More standardisation and automation lead to fewer human errors. Your employees can deliver better quality, both because the platform takes over specific tasks and because they can focus better on performing other work. For the client, this leads to more security and quality, but it’s also more enjoyable for the employees if they can perform at their best and take pride in their work. 

6. Better work-life balance 

By automating workspace management, there are fewer stressful situations; think about migrations. This makes it easier to find a better work-life balance and work hybrid. And we all know how important that is for young families and millennials. 

7. Happy clients 

Finally, happy clients are more motivating. And that’s what you’re doing it for!  

If you can quickly meet client requests and ensure their business processes function well, the client will appreciate that. But we now see that clients perceive IT as a commodity: it just needs to work. You can provide this essential service with the help of your IT staff using the Ydentic platform. Consequently, there’s more time left to work on more complex issues. With this extra service, you can create more value for clients, making them truly happy. 

It takes two to tango: ensure you stay appealing as an employer 

Labour market shortage in IT is a challenge for MSPs. Hence, it’s increasingly important to remain attractive to the top talents you already have. Make sure they choose you every day by making their work interesting and varied.  

With Ydentic’s platform, you can automate mundane and repetitive tasks. As a result, less chance of errors and, thus, better for your clients while simultaneously creating a challenging work environment for your employees.  

For more information about how Ydentic helps MSPs navigate the changing IT market, download our whitepaper. Then, if you want immediate communication about our platform, pick up the phone as a call is quicker. Or schedule an appointment for a personal demo. You’ll see the benefits right away.