Jorn Wittendorp, 24 May 2023

Your Secret Weapon Against IT Labour Market Shortages 

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking to seize opportunities and grow with the increasing digitalization, having skilled IT professionals in your team is a must. MSPs are feeling the labour market squeeze more and more, resulting in delayed projects, difficulties onboarding customers, etc. Everyone’s working hard, but it feels like constantly putting out fires with no room for growth. 

Unfortunately, Dutch research shows that this labour market tightness is not a temporary phenomenon. That’s why it’s crucial to come up with long-term solutions to make your company attractive to IT professionals. This will enable you to meet customer demands and to grow, based on a solid business model with stable monthly income. However, it requires a different way of thinking and working, which you will learn about in this blog. 

The Impact of Labour Market Tightness on Your Business 

Many MSPs experience labour market tightness, making it difficult to take on new clients or even manage existing ones. This isn’t sustainable in a market rife with mergers and acquisitions. To grow, and sometimes even survive, MSPs must be able to scale. 

Unfilled job vacancies hinder your growth. A vacancy open for two months can quickly cost up to 30% of an average annual salary. This loss in revenue isn’t only due to decreased productivity. An open position impacts your business in several other ways: 

  • Higher costs due to external hires or freelancers 
  • Longer lead times for clients 
  • Less innovation or competitiveness 
  • Increased risks to clients’ cybersecurity or privacy 
  • Higher and prolonged employee absenteeism due to increased workload for other team members 

Why Should IT Professionals Choose You? 

Alright, you get the point, enough about the problems. Now let’s talk solutions: how do you attract IT talent? 

Many IT companies try to attract talent by offering competitive salaries, excellent benefits, hybrid work options, and more. While these are all important, they only work for a limited time. Ultimately, there’s only one reason why an IT professional will choose you: because the job is challenging and engaging for the long term. After all, even IT professionals don’t like to switch jobs frequently. 
So what makes a job challenging for an IT professional? 

It’s certainly not routine tasks like creating and deleting user profiles. The real joy comes from solving more complex IT challenges. This will not only benefit your employees but also delight your clients. No client will thank you profusely for creating a new user profile in their system – that’s as obvious as water coming from the tap. They expect it to happen quickly and seamlessly, without understanding the work behind it. That’s why it’s smart for MSPs to standardize and automate this kind of processes as soon as possible. In other words: as an IT-company start automating your own services. 

A Challenging Workplace for IT Professionals and Happy Clients 

Ydentic’s platform helps you automate workspace management, multi-tenant management, and process automation. It standardizes work processes and promotes a uniform approach, leading to reduced workload and mundane tasks for your IT professionals and improved employee satisfaction. 

Daily management of client systems and ticket handling becomes more time-efficient, allowing you to onboard new clients. The benefits of the Ydentic Platform for your IT professionals include: 

  • Increased productivity and efficiency through standardized processes 
  • Working on interesting IT challenges instead of routine management and ticket handling 
  • Lower workload 
  • Happy clients 
  • Better work-life balance 

For your clients, this means they receive quick assistance, enjoy stable service levels and security, and can rely on your IT professionals for more complex issues. 

Attracting Top-notch IT Talent 

MSPs working with Ydentic no longer have to click 26 times to create a user profile.

Our people can now spend more time on the fun side of the job,” says one of our clients, Johan Stolk, Customer Operations Manager Benelux at Ekco

By streamlining processes, IT professionals on our client’s teams spend less time on repetitive tasks. This helps them create a magnetic employer brand. After all, for IT experts, it’s more enjoyable to work in a place where they’re not doing mundane tasks day in and day out, but can genuinely leverage their skills to enhance clients’ work processes. 

As an employer, this requires you to invest in automating your service offerings. No more invoicing based on tickets and effort, but a fixed service package for managing modern workplaces. Sure, it takes some adjusting, but with everyone on the same page and time-consuming tasks taking less time, your team becomes more flexible, offering IT pros an engaging workplace for the long haul. 

So, what do you say? Are you ready to reel in IT talent and streamline workplace management? Reach out to us by phone or e-mail, or plan a personal demo, and we will make you an irresistible employer!